Recognizing Damage Dispute Entries

Below are the fields that appear when hearing a case that involves a damage dispute.

First, the red “Disputed” flag indicates which Damages type is disputed. Here Auto Damages is disputed.

Screenshot of the Damages tab with the disputed tag

After you select “Review,” you will see:
  1. The Damages Justification/Dispute Rebuttal initially provided by the Recovering party, if entered. It may or may not address the Responding party’s specific damage dispute.
  2. The Responding party’s damage dispute (includes the Proposed Amount and dispute justification).
  3. The Recovering party’s rebuttal to the specific damage dispute. This will be blank if the Recovering party either does not request a revisit for a damage dispute or allows the revisit to expire with no entry made.
After reviewing these arguments and the submitted evidence, you will decide whether the full damages amount sought or a reduced amount was proven. 

Screenshot of Damage Decision tab