Member Participation Policy

Effective June 2, 2020

The following policy is made and administered by Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) under the authority of Article Fifth (a) and (c) and Article Sixth of the various Arbitration Agreements. The purpose of this policy is to promote the efficient and timely resolution of arbitrations through member arbitrator participation at a level equal to as many cases as members file (in other words, at a level equal to a member arbitrator hearing one case for every case the member files, sometimes called a “1:1 heard-to-filed ratio”).

P-1 Members falling below a 1:1 heard-to-filed ratio are subject to any or all of the following: 
  • (a) Member arbitrators of such members may be required to hear additional cases;
  • (b) Such members may be required to submit additional member arbitrators;
  • (c) Qualified arbitrators of such members may be required to hear a specific number of cases (as set by AF) each month to maintain their qualified arbitrator status;
  • (d) Filed cases of such members may be administratively suspended;
  • (e) Hearings on cases filed by any such members may be prioritized after hearings filed by members with 1:1 ratios;
  • (f) Assessments may be required to cover the costs of using AF-supplied or third-party arbitrators;
  • (g) The member may be expelled from Arbitration Forums, Inc.; and
  • (h) Any other remedial action deemed necessary by AF to be performed by the member to achieve a 1:1 ratio.
P-2 Arbitration Forums, Inc. may take any of the actions set forth in P-1 without notice or may take no action. Taking no action, however, is not a waiver of members’ 1:1 heard-to-filed ratio requirements.