Automobile Physical Damage

Automobile Subrogation Forum

Designed to resolve intercompany subrogation disputes amongst insurers, self-insureds and large retention commercial insureds involving automobile physical damage not in excess of $100,000 unless agreed upon by all parties.

The types of cases submitted in the Automobile Subrogation Forum might include:
  • The driver of a vehicle traveling at an excessive rate of speed collides with another vehicle that changed lanes without signaling. Insurers cannot agree on the respective liability of the two drivers.
  • The liability carrier for an at-fault driver disputes the severity and extent of the damages alleged by the collision carrier for the negligent-free vehicle. While liability is conceded, the matter is submitted to the Auto Program for resolution of the damages dispute.
  • A vehicle is damaged because of a malfunction at a drive-thru car wash. The insurer of the vehicle seeks recovery from the general liability insurer of the car wash.
  • A defective part causes a driver to lose control of a vehicle and overturn. Auto Arbitration is filed against the auto manufacturer and/or part manufacturer to recover the vehicle damages.
  • (Concurrent Coverage) A car being used as a temporary replacement vehicle is returned to the rental car company with moderate damage to the right quarter-panel. The renter's collision carrier denies the subrogation claim based on the insured's/renter's assertion that the damage was already there when the vehicle was rented. 
  • (Concurrent Coverage) An individual obtains coverage for his auto with another company but failed to cancel his existing policy. He submits a collision claim to the new company who pays the claim and then learns of the existence of the first policy. The two carriers can’t agree on how their coverage should apply and the case is submitted to Auto Arbitration to resolve the first-party coverage dispute.

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Please refer to the Rules for more information about the Auto Forum. If you need further information about these rules, please contact the Forum Rules Department.

Automobile Forum Overview

In this tutorial, Filers and Responders will learn the dispute types heard in the Auto Forum, apply the rules and procedures, and state the compulsory dollar limits.

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