Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) Launching New Member Support Portal

Later this year, AF will be launching a new support portal aimed at improving our members’ experience with fast, personalized self-service. The portal will include a knowledge base where guided questions will help lead users to answers. Users may also ask a question, request an enhancement, or report an issue directly within the portal without the need for a phone call or email.

Benefits of the New Support Portal
  • Members can check the real-time status of their inquiries and receive notifications of updates on submitted inquiries.
  • Automated workflows ensure inquiries are routed to the correct support group quickly and efficiently to achieve faster turnaround times.
  • A knowledge base provides instant access to step-by-step guidance and solutions.
  • Performance analytics help the AF Support team identify trends to drive further service improvements for members.
Keep an eye on the E-Bulletin as we share updates on this exciting new platform.