Inactivity and Arbitrator Access

Have you ever logged in and discovered that you were unable to find a case to hear? To remain active in AF’s system, arbitrators need to hear cases on a consistent basis. As of April 1, 2024, arbitrators who have not heard a case in 90 days may be deactivated. AF will provide notification that will serve as a reminder to log in and hear at least one case to remain active.

A common set of security practices for companies across all industries is the principle of least privilege (PoLP) and the principle of least functionality. Keeping a lean and clean set of privileges and functionality reduces the total footprint of potential accounts and access that can be compromised (e.g., a vault that has 15 doors is 15 times more vulnerable than a vault that has one door). AF’s End User License Agreement states in part:
You acknowledge that AF reserves the right to terminate access to the Services if your credentials for access to the Services are inactive for an extended period of time (in AF’s sole discretion, with or without notice). 

Therefore, when a user has the arbitrator privilege but is no longer hearing cases on a regular basis, the arbitrator privilege will be deactivated. To render decisions that meet our memberships’ quality expectations, arbitrators must remain knowledgeable about AF rules, hearing procedures, and system functionality.

Arbitrators who have not heard cases in the prior six months will be deactivated and required to take the Guide for Arbitrators quiz before being reactivated. Arbitrators who have not heard cases in the prior 12 months must complete the Quality Decisions webinar and associated quiz to be reactivated. These steps are necessary to refresh and familiarize returning arbitrators with any changes to the rules, hearing procedures, or system functionality.