Enhancement to Case Overview for Change Requests: Accept Policy Limit Requests

On November 5, 2022, AF added a section to the Change Requests page of TRS for Accept Policy Limit Requests. This new section provides visibility to policy limits acceptance that is initiated after decision publication under Rule 3-9. Members will be able to review the status and resolution of the request(s). This section will only appear if one of the parties submits a request to accept policy limits.

For reference, we have provided a list of status descriptions below.

Response Status
  1. Denied = other party declined to accept limits
  2. Expired = no response within the allotted time frames
  3. Granted = the other party agrees to accept limits 
  4. In Process = waiting on a response
Request Status
  1. Settled = response to request has been received
  2. In Process = waiting on a response by due date listed
Policy Limits Applied
  1. Yes = the decision has been amended to award the policy limits and/or pro-rata share of the limits
  2. No = all Recovering Parties did not agree to accept policy limits post-decision
Screenshot of the Case Overview