How to Remove TPA Access

Regularly reviewing access privileges for your third-party administrators (TPAs) helps reduce cybersecurity risks by ensuring that only active and current TPAs have access to your company’s sensitive information.
We encourage you to review the list of TPAs that have access to file and/or respond on your company’s behalf. 

If you would like to request to remove access from any TPA(s), please complete and submit a TPA removal form to or

Arbitration Forums, Inc.
Attn: Membership Services
3820 Northdale Boulevard, Suite 115
Tampa, Florida 33624

Important note: The TPA removal form must be signed by a corporate officer, senior-level executive, or an individual who has the authority to bind the organization to a nationwide contract and not be case specific. If signed electronically, the digital signature(s) must be backed by a digital certificate (e.g., Adobe Sign or DocuSign). In most cases, TPA documents are processed in three business days.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Member Service Center at 1-866-977-3434 or