Thank You for Your Feedback!

In the spirit of continuous improvement, AF routinely seeks member feedback regarding our products and services. These valuable insights help AF to continue supporting the needs of our membership.

We’d like to highlight some of the recent feedback we’ve received. 

“My experience using TRS has been excellent overall. It is self-explanatory and very easy to use and navigate. The reps who help me out on the phone are wonderful. They are always available to answer all kinds of questions. The overall TRS program has been very helpful for me as a rep. It is such a big tool in the industry now. It is easier for me to file against another carrier in TRS versus the old online tool. I also love the fact that we get decisions within 30 days. We get these claims settled so much quicker now. Again, it is a product that I have got comfortable using. It was easy to learn, and I am happy that it has been updated to the TRS system.”

“They’re available whenever I need to get to somebody live. They are available either right away or as quickly as possible. The people that I meet with or have encounters with are very helpful. They are kind, compassionate, and understanding of the needs of us members. I consider having an excellent experience with Arbitration Forums because they offer us an amazing alternative to resolve claims when we don’t see eye to eye with the other party’s carrier or we can’t reach a resolution.”   

“Specifically, they’ve always been supportive of my team. Most recently, I had to reach out to our field reps who immediately got me the information I needed. Just from a high level, the fact that we can quickly resolve disputes, very inexpensively compared to litigation, is a huge financial bonus for the business.” 

AF embraces a member-centric mindset by implementing member feedback at all points of service. Our products and services aim to meet the needs of the industry, and AF takes pride in offering an exceptional range of benefits to our members, which include:
  • End-to-end subrogation capability with E-Subro Hub — at no cost!
  • Arbitration decisions in TRS® in less than 30 days
  • Industry benchmark, recovery, and activity reports
  • Nationwide field support
  • Onboarding and coaching for member arbitrators
  • And more!
Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback!