Attention Recovering Parties: Claim or Policy Number Required

Unfortunately, we continue to see a number of cases in which Recovering parties in TRS do not have a claim number or policy number, and instead, enter content that is not a claim or policy number, such as unknownnone, or 000000.  

As stated in the introductory paragraph of the AF Rules, the filing company must identify certain information, which includes “…claim file number or policy number…” The paragraph also specifies the following: Failure to identify current and correct information may cause a filing to be closed or a decision to be voided. 

If the filing is closed or the decision is voided due to no claim or policy number provided, your time and effort must be duplicated if you wish to continue to pursue a recovery in arbitration. Please ensure you have a claim or policy number before filing to save yourself and others time. Your anticipated cooperation is much appreciated!  

For more information, please see the current AF Rules

Screenshot of the first part of AF rules