Property Forum Coming to TRS This Month

On August 27, 2023, AF will be bringing the Property Forum to TRS. To ensure the preparation of our members, we’ve provided several training and informational resources below.

Note: Please complete any unfiled cases in OLF prior to August 27. Any cases in process that have not been filed will need to be recreated in TRS. 


To ensure our members acquire the skills necessary to file and respond in TRS, AF is offering live demos on how to complete role-specific workflow steps. See the following sessions for more information, available times, and to sign up!

Property TRS Demo: Arbitrators

TRS Property Workflow and Functionality Changes

Last month, we shared information on the workflow and functionality changes members can expect to see once Property filings become available in TRS. To view those articles, please visit the links below.

Appeals Functionality in TRS
TRS Workflow Changes for Property Arbitration