E-Subro Hub Upgrade and Case Search Functionality Changes

As you may know, AF has been working diligently to update our E-Subro Hub product. We are excited to announce that we will be delivering the next set of upgrades on May 31, 2022! As part of the release, users will now be redirected to E-Subro Hub to perform a case search across Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®), E-Subro Hub, and Online Filing. 

Currently, users can search for cases by following the navigation options outlined below.
  • My Arbfile → Case Lookup → Search By AF ID tab
  • My Arbfile → Member Access → Case Lookup → Search By AF ID tab
  • My Arbfile E-Subro → Demand Search → Search By Insured Info tab
Screenshot of Case Lookup and Search Options
As of May 31, the same three navigation options mentioned above will take users to E-Subro Hub to perform a case search. The single field can take a TRS case ID, docket number, demand ID, claim number, policy number, and internal reference. This change will affect all users that use the legacy search option. 

Screenshot of New Search Results Screen

Selecting the “Show Advanced Search” provides more search fields in order to widen or narrow down the search results.

Screenshot of Additional Search Fields Under Advanced Search