Reduced Payment Enhancement Coming Soon

Since E-Subro Hub was first introduced in June 2008, much has changed in how property damage subrogation claims are handled. From internal process change to increased involvement from third-party administrators and vendors, to the now common practice of paying the undisputed portion of a claim, the manner in which E-Subro Hub members interact has evolved significantly.  
To ensure E-Subro Hub continues to provide an optimal user experience, Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) will be introducing a series of enhancements over the course of 2020 that better align E-Subro Hub functionality with today’s most common subrogation workflows. 

In the coming months, AF will introduce a Reduced Payment negotiation action for the responder to facilitate the regular practice of paying the undisputed amount of a claim. The enhancement will afford more clarity and transparency to the negotiation process and provide for more accurate claim reporting data. 

The responder will issue any reduced payment amount as normal. The Reduced Payment action is not an electronic funds transfer action, unless the involved parties are already active with Settlement Exchange System® (SES®). 

The new negotiation action, Reduced Payment, will accompany the existing Counter Offer action (screenshot), providing responding parties with the flexibility to make counteroffers or simply make a reduced payment if they no longer wish to negotiate. Regardless of the choice the responder makes, this new functionality will provide clarity for both parties to a demand and will allow the subrogating party to make a more informed decision to continue negotiating, close the demand, or arbitrate the matter. As noted earlier, having the option to include reduced payments will provide more accurate data points to include in a related E-Subro Hub report.

Screenshot of the new Reduced Payment action
In addition to the Reduced Payment functionality, the Damages & Liability tab will be enhanced to display each party’s current offer (screenshot):
  • The existing four-pane layout will be modified as follows:
    • Former Layout: Original Damages, Negotiated Damages, Negotiated Liability Percentage, Total Demand/Response
    • Revised Layout: Original Damages, Demander Offer, and Responder Offer
  • The Responder Liability Percentage and Total Demand/Total Response are embedded within the Demander Offer and Responder Offer
  • The Demander Offer includes a new field that shows Payments Received
  • The Responder Offer includes new fields that show Current Payment, Payments Made, and Demand Override Reason (when applicable)
  • The Total Demand and Total Response are renamed to Current Offer
Screenshot of the Damages and Liability tab

If you have any questions, please contact AF at 866-977-3434.